Delta Goodrem – Innocent Eyes

“I was born to try. I’ve learned to love. Be understanding. And believe in life.”

Nice words. But, perhaps surprisingly, not mine. Yes, I was born. And I do try. I’m yet to understand what love is and I’m one of the most unsympathetic people you’ll ever meet. I guess I believe in life though. So it’s partly true for me.

Anyway, these are the words from Delta Goodrem’s first hit single: Born To Try. Her route to fame was one that I admired, quite simply because it involved Neighbours. And I love Neighbours. A bit too much sometimes. Delta played the character of Nina Tucker for a while before leaving to make the classic move to music.

As with all Neighbours stars who opt to go down this path, Delta was met with a bit of criticism. However her talent made them think twice and she’s shown that you can have a genuine music career off the back of the Aussie soap.

The next song on the album was to be another success. Innocent Eyes continued to show the vocal range of Delta’s voice with longgggggg notes being held out for some time.

Not Me, Not I begins with some soft opening vocals and continues in a similar vain. Similarly, Throw It Away begins in a voice that’s anything but harsh, before it gains power in the chorus. One thing I must say about this track is that it features the cliché ‘bull in a china shop’. Not the most original or imaginative, is it really?!

I enjoy the opening verse in Lost Without You. The chorus fails to offend me either. So that makes for a likeable record. I don’t love it. I like it. You see, for some reason my like of Delta’s music doesn’t extend to my love of most female Australian Singer-Songwriters. I’m not sure why. Logically, I should like her more because of the Neighbours connection. But I don’t find myself infatuated by her voice in the same way I do to the likes of Missy. To be honest, I think I probably find her songs too happy for my taste. Ever the ‘half-full cup’, I like songs with a few heavier lyrics.

Predictable, Butterfly and In My Own Time each carry a tune well. And I can’t fault the vocal performances of any of them. I am particularly fond of the latter for the use of Delta’s voice. And for it’s slightly pessimistic tone. She’s still not negative. Just not 100% positive. Which, in my books, makes for an enjoyable song.

The lyrics to My Big Mistake are quite lovely. Back in the day when this album was a regular on my CD walkman I can recollect singing aloud to it. A lot. Very out of tune.

I equally love This Is Not Me for it’s simple chorus lyrics which are dispersed between beautiful narratives in the verses. Running Away is probably my least favourite track. The verses are pleasant, but the chorus does less to endear me. I can’t pinpoint the reasons why. I’m just not wowed by it. In contrast, Year Ago Today, is truly endearing. I love the personal tone to the verses and the slow tempo of the song.

Ending with Longer, then finally Will You Fall For Me the album remains likeable. Born To Try, Innocent Eyes and Year Ago Today are the stand out tracks for me but that’s not saying the whole album isn’t deserving of a listen.  Even if only to remind you of Nina Tucker’s bursts of song in Neighbours.

A great voice. Good songs. I reckon the second album was where the songs became equally great.


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  1. Paul Campy on

    A bit of a guilty pleasure for me this one though, as a whole, probably a little overly saccharine. ‘Predictable’ helps even the score and the live version of this shows off her vocal range well.

    The follow-up album doesn’t get much play here, though ‘Electric Storm’ is a notable exception.

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