My hommage to Neighbours

I wrote this in English last year. It was meant to be a speech about something we were passionate about. Typically, I failed to think of anything that I was overwhelmed with passion for. My friend jokingly suggested I wrote it about my love of Neighbours. Alas, this is what I produced…

Have you ever wanted to live in a street where beautiful people live alongside one another smiling in the sunlight? For many citizens this is purely an idyllic fantasy but for the fortunate residents of Ramsay Street this is everyday life.

It is at this point that I should point out that this is not real – it is a soap opera. It is a television programme where marriages, deaths and natural disasters can be crammed in to twenty three minutes of viewing pleasure. However, aside from the fiction of it all, Neighbours does have many realistic storylines that allow us to escape the struggles of everyday life and get caught up in the adventures in Erinsborough.

I would like you to now take a moment to stop and think about your neighbours. How many of you can say that you have had a reality TV star, glamour model and former Miss Australia living in your cul-de-sac? I’d make the assumption that none of us can say we do and so it is this unbelievable nature of the residents that we, as a nation, have grown to love. Our own lives just don’t provide us with the singing sensations, bikini-clad bodies or beauty queens that can be found in those five households.

Neighbours does not only provide viewers with attractive people; the attractive weather is another major factor in the show’s success. It never rains in Ramsay Street. No matter how torrential the British weather may be, you can always find half an hour of sunshine on the show. The cast will be there, rain or shine, in the midst of winter wearing bikinis so long as the camera can capture a glimpse of sunlight.

Speaking from my own personal viewing, I know that my life was missing something before Harold, Lou and The Kennedys came along. No one can deny that these carefully crafted characters provide us with the perfect blend of drama, romance and comedy. As such it is clear that Neighbours injects the programme with not only clever characters, but also with talented cast…

Neighbours gave us Kylie and Jason, Natalie Imbruglia and Delta Goodrem. These few names are just a part of the long list of gifted cast members. Talent like theirs is hard to find and yet Neighbours always manages to maintain a constant flow of it.

Over the years the storylining department have worked hard to create storylines that are hard-hitting, relevant and accurate. Examples of modern plots include the recent excellent portrayal of incest, mental illness and Multiple Sclerosis. Each of these storylines must first be researched prior to script writing to ensure that an accurate representation of the issues in hand is given.

Neighbours has been a successful show for the past twenty five years. Without it thousands of university students would have had nothing to watch whilst studying; housewives with nothing to inspire them whilst ironing; families deprived of the sunshine as they eat their dinner.

So where would you be without Neighbours? Ultimately, in a much darker place. After all, EVERYBODY needs good neighbours…


3 comments so far

  1. Anne on

    I think you summed up Neighbours pretty well here.
    This type of programme is entertaining, shows real life and deals with some difficult subjects, but it doesn’t contain incessant murder and violence, and when difficult subjects are dealt with children seem to be offset – which is how it should be.

  2. Hannah on

    i don’t know why you watch neighbours aussie-pace and refuse to watch american-pace stuff

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