My Australia Obsession

I’m not sure how it began. I’m not certain why it began. I’m not particularly aware of when it began. But once it did begin, I knew there was no way it was going to end any time soon.

I love Australia. And no, it’s not just the alliterative clichés of the sun, sea and sand that I adore. There’s just so much about that country that makes me want to live there.

As you might have alright inferred from my blog; I love a lot of Australian singer songwriters. Missy Higgins first and foremost. But I’ve also managed to see Pete Murray, Ben Lee, Kate Miller-Heidke and Lenka all play live in the UK. Not forgetting Lisa Mitchell tomorrow night. I’m not sure if I love them because they’re Australian, or if Australian singer songwriters are just of a standard that I find more preferable to the over-commercialised stuff over here. The quality of some of their songwriting amazes me.

It’s not just music. I love Australian radio too. I get the Hamish and Andy podcast everyday and listen to it on my way to school. Their activities amuse me whilst keeping me up to date with the latest news stories in the world of 2day FM. At this point, I shall make it clear that I am not a fan of the other key 2day FM show. Kyle and Jackie O are so not to my taste. They are just wrong. But I love a bit of H&A to make me laugh on the bus whilst others look on as though I’m a complete freak (on occasions I’ve had to justify my laughter to randoms as I say “It’s a podcast. I promise”.)

And as for Aussie TV? I was gutted when Rove ended. It was always one of those things I thought ‘when I’m next in Australia I want to be in the audience for that’. Now I can’t. I used to watch the 7PM Project a bit until it became unavailable in my region. I YouTube the occasional Spicks & Specks episode and laughed my way through all of the last series of Thank God You’re Here. Then there’s Neighbours that I need not go into as my post the other day did a pretty good job of summarising my obsession there.

Comedian wise, it’s all about Tim Minchin. I’m seeing him introduce Missy Higgins’ film ‘Bran Nue Dae’ later this month and that’s rather exciting. I saw Adam Hills last year and found him rather hilarious as well. He picked up on my constant tweeting and asked me how I was finding the show. I said the least interesting reply I could think of – “it’s good” – and he quickly realised I was not going to be a funny audience member and moved on. Through Rove I discovered lots of Aussie comedic talent, but I none of them really caught on. I found Peter Hellier funny, but didn’t quite get Hughesy’s hilarity and don’t get me started on the woman who replaced him. She was not funny fullstop. Her moaning was worse than his.

On my iGoogle page, not only do I have BBC national headlines, I also have the Sydney Morning Herald national headlines. And I check their entertainment section way more often than I check the BBC one. And I like some of their printed media too. Australian Vogue: Entertaining + Travel remains my favourite magazine in the world, despite me not being able to get hold of a copy since Borders closed. I dream of working for that magazine. Even an internship there would be amazing.

And as for the country itself? It’s just amazing. I’ve been fortunate enough to go there seven times and hope to return reasonably soon. I’ve even been slightly swayed to go to a uni that offers Study Abroad in Aus. This is, of course, after I researched Unis in Aus and discovered that I didn’t love it enough to spend about sixty grand doing an entire degree there.

 I always loved Sydney but found Melbourne surprisingly homely on my last trip. I got my scuba diving qualifications in Port Douglas and the scenery in the Whitsundays is hard to beat. Seeing wild dolphins on Hyamms Beach, a koala sleeping in a tree along the Great Ocean Road and whales casually swimming near the Great Barrier Reef. What more could you want?

So yes, you can laugh at my Australia obsession. But it’s a pretty big obsession. I just hope you’ve gained a bit more of an insight into it from this. One day, I will live there.


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