Missy Higgins – Steer EP

Whilst I’m happy to admit that Steer used to be my least favourite Missy Higgins’ track, the EP that it came from is home to one of her most beautiful non-album tracks.

Like the majority of Missy’s singles; the CD title is not just ‘Steer’. No, it has those added two letters ‘EP’ that don’t seem to appear on other releases over here.  I’ve discussed the title track in my On A Clear Night album review which only leaves three other songs for me to comment on.

Before I even get started on reviewing the music I must mention the artwork on this physical release. The case is one of those cardboard ones that immediately makes it feel more special than being surrounded by plastic. The font is the same as is used on all promotional work from On A Clear Night; all capital letters with ‘HIGGINS’ being indented on the second line. In the right of the front photo is Missy in profile smiling as though she’s been mesmerised by something. Something that’s a night so totally clear perhaps? Perhaps it’s something that means you can control where you go and you can steer? Just a thought. Anyway, once opened there’s a lovely photo of a cloudy blue sky with a few birds flying around freely. And I guess being free is part of what Steer is all about.

Dusty Road seems to be about empowering women, I guess. “Sometimes men abuse your power” is a line that is followed by the chorus about how to get off the ‘Dusty Road’ of abuse. Maybe. I’m not entirely sure about this song to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I love singing along to it (it’s one of Missy’s guitary upbeat tracks) but I don’t think I really “get” it.

A song that I do connect with is The Battle. Written about a supposed battle with another songwriter, the lyrics show Missy’s genius. Beginning with “I don’t need a slap in the face / I’m already at the bottom of the sea”, the use of metaphor is typically impressive. A slow song played on acoustic guitar, it allows for Missy to sing a few “oooohh’s” displaying her vocal talents.

The final track is asterisked as a Demo. It was produced by Missy herself and is titled Leave A Note. I love the rawness of this song. It’s full of emotion. It appears to be some sort of plea for someone to stop leaving without telling anyone. At face level that’s what I took from it anyway. Although as with most pieces of songwriting by Missy, there’s likely to be a few other more complex interpretations that could be found.

One of my favourite EPs. And definitely one of my favourite physical CDs for it’s beautiful sleeve.


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  1. stacey on

    hey there fellow missy fan!
    i love the reviews by the way! i was wondering if you know where i can get the track “leave a note”? i have bought all i can off of itunes but that song is not there…im from the US, so i’m not sure if we have different stuff availiable on our itunes than other countries…any tips u can give are greatly appreciated…thanks

  2. stacey on

    yes you’ve helped out loads, thanks…i’ll have to check that stuff out….i got to hear the song Leave a Note on a live youtube video and never knew there was an actuall recording of it for sale…it’s an awesome song….thanks again…hopefully i’ll have good luck and find it 🙂

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