I like jewellery.

This, my friends, is today’s revelation: I like jewellery. Going by your average teenage girl stereotype, I often differ from the norm in my permanently sober, always single, non-make-up-wearing ways. However, in recent years I’ve established a collection of jewellery (primarily necklaces) that are worn regularly.

I started out in the plain large beaded necklace phase, wearing items mainly stolen from a family members wardrobe. But I’ve decided that I’ve finally matured into a proper young woman in the fact that today I visited two fashion blogs and one amazing jewellery site. Yes, that’s right. I’m no longer just a pale faced, internet obsessed foodie. I am picking up teenage girl habits. And venturing, briefly, into the world of fashion blogging.

I have two necklaces that I own that I genuinely adore. The first is one that I picked up on a market stall in Dublin for around 20 euros (a price I deemed to be a little extortionate for what was effectively different coloured pieces of fabric and wood attached to some posh black string). The second is Littlest Love Letter which I won from Teen Today. Currently I wear the latter most days, receiving comments about who bought it for me. *cough* Nobody did.

And then today I stumbled across the Love Hearts and Crosses site after they kindly retweeted my blog on twitter. It’s a good job they did because  I discovered their really great product range include this beauty. It’s a typewriter. On a necklace. With mini paper. With writing on it. Wow. I think I’m in love. It’s taking pride of place on my hypothetical birthday list. (It’s May 17th if you’re wondering.)

Not only do they stock that amazing thing, but they also have loads of other beautiful pieces that have prompted me to register to their site and might even stretch to buying some stuff with my own hard earned money. Impressive hey?

So yes, I think I’ve successfully hinted to my sister that I would like that necklace, but if anyone fancies buying me any other cool necklaces, bracelets or holidays then feel free. (The last one was a joke. Unless you’re offering.)

Ok Ok. It turns out that I am impatient. I bought it.


2 comments so far

  1. Bryony on

    I love this necklace and I am amazingly jealous that you are going to own it soon!
    I was also with you in Dublin when you bought your other necklace which I dont remember what it looked like.
    You do have a lovely developing necklace collection, congrats 🙂 xx

  2. […] else have I learnt this month? Well, I learnt that I like jewellery. If you were a part of the 200+ page views that I got over Sunday and Monday then I’m sure […]

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