More pretty stuff.

Another necklace that would be sweeter had it been bought for me.

I genuinely think I’ve evolved into a proper girl. Eurgh.

After winning this necklace from Ji Ji Kiki, I’ve had a look around their site and wanted to share some more finds.

C'est La Vie

 First up is this French number. Yes, I do frequently declare my hatred for anything that reminds me of that vile language, however I struggled to detest this. It’s pretty. (I am really bewildered at using the word pretty in this blog. Twice. I am so not a ‘pretty’ kind of person.) The postcard-esque bit reminds me of my Elsiebelle number and, similar to that one, it’s made of brass. Which means that the more you subconsiously chew on it, the more it loses it’s colour. Of course, I’m yet to learn this lesson. It’s a newly developed habit of mine: Eating necklaces. Brass doesn’t react well to liquids. So don’t go dipping any pieces like this into your half full wine glasses. Especially those of you who were witness to the drunken events of last friday night at my house where my friend, Bethany, found half of her beads had slumped into her drink after an over enthusiastic conversation on Chat Roulette.

Whilst these Gingerbread necklaces might not be the most awe-inspiring. They’re only a fiver. Which I reckon is pretty good for a quirky present for someone.

Yum. Cake.

And Ji Ji Kiki don’t just sell jewellery. Oh no, they venture into my all time favourite type of product. Homeware. I mean, just look at these cupcake cases and tell me how they wouldn’t brighten up a boring choc-chip fairy cake. And you just can’t beat hugging salt and pepper shakers.

As for the necklace I was fortunate enough to win? Well that branch bit moves separately to the rest of the pendant which will inevitably mean it ends up in my mouth when I’m all too bored in French lessons. It hopefully arrives in the next few days so it’s bound to make an appearance around my neck before Easter.

Oh, and just so you don’t worry I’ve lost my sanity and become a normal teenage girl. Check out this amazing version of The Sound of White that Missy Higgins performed recently. 


3 comments so far

  1. Bethany on

    Thank goodness that the necklace-in-wine-glass incident was pointed out to me; it could have stayed in there for hours otherwise! And thanks soo much for sharing that piece of news with the entire readership of your blog…hmmmm… 😛
    The necklace that you won is beautiful though, I fully expect to see you wearing it tomorrow. If only everybody else was as lucky (or persisent) with their competitions!

  2. Your favourite cousin on

    Literally LOVE the french number… (not that I like you calling it a ‘french number’, it reminds me of underwear and I don’t like to think of you wearing underwear of that nature. But seriously though… they’re gorgeous. I also don’t like that now you’ve introduced me to this site… because its gorgeous.
    Can’t wait to see you soon.
    Aimzzzz xXx

  3. Kim on

    Reminds me of some of the stuff from Talents in town (although cheaper yay!)
    Oh, and I think you need to get over your mental barriers concerning the French language :p

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