Twitter and Other Social Networks.

A lot can be said in 140 characters. You can greet someone, share emotions, say goodbye. You can make a political stand, protest for what you believe in – change the world?

Twitter is a huge part of my life. Call me ‘sad’, I don’t care. It’s a great outlet, full of networking opportunities that you’ve got to be a part of to understand. For some people, Twitter is thought of as a way of telling the world one’s most intimate details about their mundane life that nobody in the real world cares about. Sure, there are accounts that are full of the gems of knowledge such as “today I ate a cheese sandwich”. But, when in the right hands, Twitter can be put to really good use.

For me, it’s all about the networking. Yes, I love to follow my favourite Australian musicians/TV presenters/Hamish & Andy. But also I’ve found so many opportunities because of it. I became a part of teentoday, I got myself a published, paid article at chocablog, I even discovered the 4talent scheme which has resulted in my two day placement at Channel 4 next week. I’ve even been the recipient of a plentiful supply of free sweets from The Sweet Treat Co, solely because of contact via Twitter.

I’ve made twitter friends. Sure, they might not be people I’ll be pouring my heart out to anytime soon, for all I know none of them could be who they say they are, but their tweets entertain me.

I’ve won prizes. A necklace, loads of books, crates of juice, a USB dance mat… all have come about through simply retweeting a link. It’s easy enough. You should really try it.

Twitter’s only had a small impact on my life, but it’s ability to show support to a cause is impressive. Twibbons can easily be added to your photo to display your support for a charity, political party or anything else (think X Factor contestants etc). When there was the controversy in Iran, people put a green tint over their photos which gained further media coverage for the situation.

One twitter account proved to not quite be enough for me. So I created another one with a different purpose. I’ve got a personal account for everyday rants, and then I created @teenevents as part of teentoday where I tweet about gigs, signings, releases and other events for teens. I can’t find anything else so relevant out there so I’m really embracing that account and currently have 320 followers, so I guess I’m doing something alright.

Facebook is great for real friends and family. Privacy is tighter on there and there’s stuff that I’ll post on Facebook that I wouldn’t ever tweet about. Then again, there’s things I tweet about that I’d never put on Facebook so I guess it works both ways. Social media isn’t just one site, there are so many ways to interact online that there’s a social network suited for everyone. Bebo worked for the tweens, Myspace still has a bit of the music market and LinkedIn is great for professionals.  

So I guess you’ve established that I’m a fan of Twitter. Unlike that intern at Morgan Stanley, I believe that Twitter isn’t just for “old people”. It’s for people who want to make changes, people who want to share things and for people who want to make more of their lives. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Got an opinion on this? Tweet me. @catherineelaine


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  1. Kim on

    Good piece.

    I think social networking sites often get a bad rep (probably partly due to all the ‘cheese-sandwich people’ you mention) but I’ve often found them really useful just for being able to keep touch and share things with people.

    As for Twitter, I’m guilty of being one of it’s detractors…until I joined it. I haven’t probably got the best out of it yet, but I’m hoping it will be a new facet for some hopeless self-promotion XD

  2. Anne on

    I was totally against Twitter but I think you sum it up – Facebook is verging on reality and Twitter is for the outside world. For shameless media types like yourself these new media ‘outlets’ are a god send for being ‘discovered’ but others, like me, don’t see the point!!! And unless I do get twitter, i don’t think I ever will!

    • catherineelaine on

      I’m a “shameless media type”?
      I think that could be the biggest compliment that I’ve ever received. Thank you.

      • Anne on

        you’re welcome. just be careful not to broadcast you’re whole life… you’ll lose control of it before you’ve even started. x

      • catherineelaine on

        Have you ever read by twitter feed/about me/CV?
        I’ve already broadcasted 99% of my life?! 😀

      • Anne on

        oh shut up you sarcastic girl 😀 actually i know you won’t shut up, you’ll get more material outta this!

      • catherineelaine on

        You know that I regard sarcasm as, yet another, positive quality 🙂 x

  3. nahum on

    i’m a bit of an internet addict of late, but i’ve managed to avoid twitter for now. but again your blogs seems to be changing my opinions/predjudices, especially when free sweets are involved 😛

    i do fear though that your ‘shameless’ self-promotion has become an issue. twitter must be used for either mindless updates about your day, or as you rightfully mentioned ridding the world of dubious iranian dictators (or upholding rights to free speech in a vibrant and lively democracy, depending on your view point) GET BACK TO BASICS, the ruthless self-promotion and blatant careerism is wrong, i implore you to return to the days of innocence before your blog and twitter reached its mass appeal, lest you forget who you are… 😦

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