Taking the fun out of a childhood.

There’s a documentary on tonight that I’m intrigued by. Starsuckers. It’s on More4 at 10. Although, if like me and you have better things to do with your Tuesday night, I hope it’ll be available on 4OD soon after.

It’s about the media. And if you know me, you’ll know my interest in the media. I’m not celeb obsessed. Nor do I watch all the ‘hottest shows’. And don’t get me started on trashy mags. What I enjoy is seeing the tricks they use and the direction that the media’s heading in.

This documentary is about a variety of issues concerning the media in present times. It appears to be about our celeb obsessed nature. And those who succumb to a life trying to achieve ‘fame’. You know the sort… Parents who wished their lives could have been better and, as such, force their children into the limelight, attempting to get them the attention that they never got.

Talking of parents living their lives through their kids… The other day I 4ODed (Yes, I’ve watched everything good on iPlayer so have converted to the commercial side of life) Too Poor For Posh School? Yet another documentary. This time about a selection of boys applying for a scholarship to Harrow. Whilst I thought that the scholarship scheme was really amazing, offering those with the ability, but not the financial stability, the chance to earn a place at the elite school, I had a particular issue with some of the applicants. Actually, that’s harsh. I hold nothing against the boys – they had put ridiculous hours in to even get to the final eleven. What I disliked were some of the parents.

I felt as though Harrow was their dream. Not their boy’s dream. In fact, in one interview with a child, he responded to the question “Why do you want to come to Harrow?” with an answer not dissimilar to “because my mum wants me to”.  

Parents shouldn’t live their lives through their kids. Too much pressure isn’t good. If you didn’t get what you want out of your childhood, then I’m sorry, but forcing your kids’ into singing lessons and A Level maths classes aged two is not the solution. Because, ultimately, a childhood should be about having fun. And I honestly doubt that certain boys featured in the programme can say that their life was full of fun.

Maybe I’m wrong. But if I’m right? Then it’s a sorry state of affairs.

True Stories: Starsuckers is on More4 tonight at 10pm.

Too Poor For Posh School is available on 4OD.


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  1. Bethany on

    I watched ‘Too Posh For Posh School?’ and whilst I agree that a couple of the boys seems ambivalent about going to Harrow, none of them seemed to be actively against the idea. Perhaps they’d been overworked or brainwashed, but I agree that they were ridiculously intelligent for their ages and deserve the best support in continuing their learning. Of course, that’s definitely not to say that public schooling will always prove to be the most useful form of education: every child’s going to flourish in a slightly different environment. ‘Starsuckers’ sounds like it’s going to be an interesting watch too, thanks for the tip!

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