A possible change of heart.

Recently, my thoughts have been focused on over thinking my career plans. Participating in Inspiration Week got me excited about the Media Industry, yet the David Crystal talk was inspirational itself in getting me thinking about an alternative route.

In order to fulfil my lifelong dream of immigrating to Australia, I’d need to get a visa there. The easiest way to do this? You need to be in a profession listed on their skills list. It’s basically a list of skilled migrants that the country is lacking (for example hairdressers and pastry chefs.) None of these are skills that I currently have, nor are they skills I plan on having. This left me with my main option being to marry an Australian. And being a little bit fickle, this does sound appealing. However, the DC talk has inspired me to consider something else: Linguistics research.

Think about it for a second: I’m a language geek. I am genuinely interested in linguistics studies, so much so that I’ll be spending the next three years of my life studying English Language. A course in which, when in the later years, you can specialise within certain fields. Certain fields that I have decided could include the use Australian English. Or, if I were to look at it on a more ‘linguistics’ basis: Aboriginal Languages. If I were to go into research on my exit from university then I’d probably need to go to Australia to conduct it. Problem solved yes?

Well no, considering I’m yet to even gain a place at a university. But in the long term, it could work. Maybe. Although that would mean putting aside my desire to work in the media – an industry that I’ve become pretty passionate about. And it’s also an industry that I genuinely aspire to become a part of.

So until I get a call from Australian Vogue: Entertaining + Travel (my dream employers), I guess the torment in my mind shall have to continue.


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