Michael Bublé at The O2

Intimacy and concerts at The O2 don’t really go well together. I mean, I’ve seen Ben Lee at indigo2 and that was reasonably small, but once you enter the actual arena you do not expect to feel like it’s just you and the performer there.

Having opened with Cry Me A River and All Of Me, Michael Bublé immediately initiated some crowd banter that would help him to win over the hearts of anyone still unconvinced of his loveliness. He asked girls at the front how old they were, before replying “Oh Shit” and comparing himself to Justin Bieber, mimicking the Bieber hair flick, when they screamed “Sixteeeeen”. And then there was the time when an audience member, who later told us that her name was Jane, was allowed to walk up to the front of the arena, just to say ‘Hi’ to Bublé. He knew how to take this arena of about 20,000 and make it feel almost as intimate as the Joshua Radin gig that I went to the other week where the audience could have been more than 150!

He stated that this was not to be a concert. If we’d wanted to see a concert we should’ve gone to the opera. He wanted this to be a party. We were to stand up and dance if we felt like it and if the people behind us politely asked “Excuse me, could you please sit down”, Michael directed us to swear at them.

If anyone wasn’t already in love with him, the fact that he introduced the ten men on stage with him individually with the city that they were from demonstrated his lovely personality and charm. He didn’t see it as a one man show, he seems ever so grateful to everyone who has helped him out along the way.

Highlights of the setlist early on included Crazy Love where the whole audience sang along, each imagining that they were being serenaded alone by the man who recently got engaged to his Argentinean girlfriend. Upon announcing this to the crowd he laughed at the boos that were directed at him (the crowd’s only negative reaction of the night) and then joked about the men who’d been dragged in the audience who he assumed were thinking ‘He’s so gay’.

He combined his singles with covers, choosing songs that were personal to him in order to make it more intimate. Everything had the whole audience in awe, although there wasn’t a song he performed that didn’t have us all on the verge of tears. In fact, my male friend who came with me admitted “I had a tear in my eye but it didn’t come out.”

At one point Bublé left the stage to walk through the seated audience on the ground to the centre of the arena where the sound men were. Accompanied by amazing support act Naturally 7, he got up on the boxes of equipment and performed a few songs including Home. With my cheap seat being right at the back of the arena on Level  4, I was able to take a zoomed in photo on my old digital camera and just about made out where he was. Yes, the view wasn’t amazing, but you could still see him, just, and the sound was incredible everywhere.

The final song before the encore was Haven’t Met You Yet. Nearly the whole arena stood, singing and clapping along, making the most of his beautiful voice and equally beautiful looks.  We continued clapping long after the song ended, knowing that he wouldn’t be leaving us just yet. Returning to the stage he played a three song encore which made for an incredible ending on the final song.

The O2 is huge. Yet Michael Bublé somehow managed to fill the entirety of the venue without a microphone. As he stood proudly behind a pale curtain singing Song For You to an audience who’d been stunned into silence, I knew that this concert could not have been any more amazing. And then he walked off stage, shaking the hands of many, many audience members before departing us for one final time.

Michael Bublé
The O2
May 15th 2010


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  1. Anne on

    Sounds absolutely amazing… I am very jealous!
    Did he sing live on all songs?

  2. Karimiss on

    This article is simply amazing ,I am supposed to go to see him in 2 days now and I hope to feel the same as you did .as I managed to get places close to the stage maybe I’ll manage to have my hands reached..:-)thx you

    • catherineelaine on

      Have an amazing time!
      I’m sure you’ll love the concert 🙂

  3. Laney on

    Truly amazing night!!! great voice, great artist!!! you have to see him live!! last night was by far the best concert ever for me. Live all night

  4. peter on

    worst concert i have been at he was on stage less than 2 hours …went to see mccartney that was 3 hours plus thought it was a rip off.

    I expected so much more another rip off like julie andrews not value for money….can i have my money back

  5. Eeyore on

    He was excellent, but I do agree that I was disappointed in the length of the show. All I can really say is more fool those of the audience who didn’t get there for 7.30pm and witness the support act, Naturally 7. They were out of this world. Imagine hearing the guitar solo of “When My Guitar Gently Weeps” performed by the vocal chords alone, and a Phil Collin’s drum break – with no drums! Check them out on Spotify if you haven’t heard them.

  6. wendy on

    Amazing…I was there on Saturday at the o2, everything in your article is spot on. I too had tears in my eyes and I was one of the lucky ones to be stood just a few feet away from him when he walked through the arena to his centre stage. I nearly died & went to heaven. Michael is such a wonderful singer and entertainer and I enjoyed every second of his show. His finale ‘song for you’ was outstanding and the look on his face at the end said it all. My only dissapointment is that its probably going to be another couple of years before he tours again….and I cant wait that long!!!!

  7. wendy on

    Oh actually I know and Im going to try and get tickets, might have to go for an early christmas pressie :o)

  8. MichelleWatts on

    What a lovely review!

    I saw Michael at the Liverpool Echo Arena last week and it was everything you describe in your review. It was an awesome night and it really did feel like ‘one big party.’ My 75 year old Nan comes with us to the see Michael on every tour and when Michael came back from the make-shift stage at the back of the arena he nodded in acknowledgement to my Nan and gave her the smiles of all smiles! She got to touch him as he went by too! My Nan was over the moon! As if the show wasn’t amazing enough; to see my Nan so happy and overcome with joy was just the icing on the cake!

    I enjoyed it so much we have just purchased tickets for the Manchester performance in October! 🙂

  9. Mary Hooker on

    Hello just wanted to add to the guy who said last nights show was short,indeed it was shorter than the NEC Firday show which was 2hours long and same for Sat O2 show. Michael did seem ‘cut’ some of the chat, and the only reason I can think of is on a Sunday eve the undergound trains stop earlier, so to get everyone out on time so they dont miss any train the show had to finish earlier.

  10. SallyB on

    My hubbie and I went to the O2 on Saturday night and he was fantastic! We are lucky enough to have seen many people in concert and he rates definitely as one of the best! A brilliant night and if anyone didn’t enjoy it then they must be extremely hard to please!!!

  11. Bharti on

    Lucky you for getting tickets to go. I had tickets for the concert on the 15th May but two hours before setting off to go to London got a call from O2 Arena to say that 300 people had been double booked and so could not go to the concert.

    I was totally gutted had been lookimng forward to it since December 2009.

  12. Shahrzad on

    Reviews all perfectly captured a great concert. We were there last night (Sunday 16th May) at the O2 on his final night in UK. Hadn’t seen him in concert since July 2008 at the O2. Though you never think possible, he just gets better and better. Our night was more or less the same as all yours. Except he did a Michael Jackson/Billie Jean number PERFECTLY!. It really was one big party. We had seats on the floor and I kept kicking myself for not paying more to get my daughter (who worships him) better seats at the front as I know he always interacts. Well, halfway through he came in the centre, right next to our row on an ad hoc stage by the sound stage. I pushed my 17 year old daughter to the front and she got to hold his hand twice. He was adorable and admirable. He said why should the front row people be the only ones, you’ve all paid good money to be here. My daughter was the happiest girl in the world last night, I’m sure as she never thought she’d get that close. He’s such a great entertainer and is so engaging that you honestly miss him for days when his concerts end. So now I’ve got to get her the Wembley show as well and secretly I can’t wait myself either. Perfect perfect evening and I’m still way up in the clouds.

    • Angela on

      Michael was just great and cant wait to see him in October.
      Just wondering if your daughter has got long dark hair? wearing a black and white scarf? If so I think I may have a photo of her!

  13. Angie on

    I agree with so many of the comments already posted but I have to say I didn’t particularly enjoy Naturally 7. They were ok for the first couple of songs but then I quickly tired of them. I would have preferred say 10 minutes of them and more of Michael Buble! He is a fantastic performer very at ease with his audience and goes all out to make sure everyone enjoys his show. A brilliant evening – can’ wait to go again and take my 13 year old daughter with me next time as she was very disappointed that I couldn’t get more tickets.

  14. tofufa on

    Thank you for this article! I always go looking for reviews to make sure what I experience was really real and for someone to put it into words, and Saturday night really was as awesome as you said. Hits the nail right on the head!

  15. lynda on

    It was fabulous concert at the O2 on Sun 16 May, I can’t wait to see him again. I also would have liked more of Michael Buble and less of Naturally 7. Because I am completely bowled over by him,I had a sense of unreality at the concert – as if I was dreaming it and I want it to happen all over again!He’s so gorgeous in every way and I just love him, love him, love him!

  16. Sam on

    I totally agree with the article I was there and I could not have put it any better myself he was amazing and I did shed a tear his voice is fantastic and he seems such a kind man

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