Modeon – Fall Out EP

Before I say anything about Modeon’s new EP, I feel I should make it clear that I know very little about Electronic music. Throw me an acoustic guitar and a singer songwriter and I have enough knowledge to write something intelligent (occasionally!). But electronic stuff is not really in my reviewing repertoire. Being the aspiring journalist and loyal twitterer that I am, I am reviewing Fall Out EP as well as I can – despite my aforementioned flaws – because Modeon is a lovely twitterer. Here goes nothing…

Six songs have been put together to create this EP making it half the length of your average album which is pretty generous for an EP. It opens with Hole and the electro vibe immediately kicks in. Vocals have been layered on top of various beats creating a catchy chorus. To my surprise, the song is lyrically quite impressive. I often overlook music like this on the basis that I (perhaps wrongly) assume that they are lyrically weak and layer tracks with electronic sounds to hide them. But in this case you can make out the lyrics and it makes for pleasant listening.

Equally, if not more, catchy is Apocalyptik. Going straight in with the ‘chorus’ – if that’s what you’d call it – it then quietens placing the emphasis on the title’s line. Whatever ‘this love’ is, the song makes it very clear that it’s rather ‘apocalyptik’. Which one can only assume is a good thing… I can see this being good club music with its strong beats and repetitive lyrics making it easy to lose yourself in.

 I like the piano in Lost at Sea i) and would love to hear more of it. The song doesn’t seem to go anywhere. I get that this is probably what it was written to do, but for me it just doesn’t click.

The more lyrical The Incredible Sulk is probably my personal favourite on the EP. The lead vocals are given a chance to stand alone (well, almost alone) and this works well. Of course, the electronic tones are not left behind entirely with various interludes making the song what it is: an all round good song.

Trigger Mode has a strong drum beat to start before moving into the vocals which I quite like. It gets softer as it progresses and I enjoy this.

The long (7:20 minutes!) Lost at Sea ii) goes more places than i). It’s still not my favourite, but it’s got a great chilled feel to it and the lyrics pose some interesting questions. This song shows a different side to Modeon’s talents. It’s much more easy listening and could please even those with no knowledge of electronic music. Much likes it’s title, it does give out a sense that you could easily be at sea just by listening – it’s relaxing, just as every trip to the sea should be.

So my first adventure into the world of electronic music is complete. I’ve come out the other end of it enlightened and keen to dive back in. This EP has a lot to offer with its eclectic mix.

The release is available as a pay-what-you-want download (a good initiative if ever I saw one) on


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