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Eurotrip 2010.


I am in Italy now. Well, that depends how you read this. As I write, I’m laid in my bed at home feeling ill. But as you read this (so long as it’s before Sunday) I’ll be just outside of Venice. And thanks to the joys of blog scheduling, I can still provide you with some ramblings. Isn’t that wonderful?

As I’m away in Europe now, I feel this is a good time to talk about my plans to interrail around Europe in July. Myself and four female friends are planning on leaving London on July 1st to head to Brussels and then all around Europe, winding up in Paris before heading back to London.

Despite our collective love of Coach Trip, most notably Brendan, we shall be travelling by rail, not coach, in order to see as much as possible in our month away. We are truly cultured beings (well I am) and hope to visit lots of cities and perhaps enjoy the odd random, Coach Trip inspired, activity along the way.

I plan to blog as much of my journey with you in the hope that it might be of use to others planning a similar trip, but also to keep family and friends informed of my whereabouts throughout the month.

The cities we are planning on visiting are:
Brussels, Amsterdam, Bruges, Berlin, Llubjana, Prague, Budapest, Vienna, Venice, Rome, Milan, Southern France, Barcelona, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Paris.

We know this is very ambitious and hence any hints/tips would be greatly appreciated. Being me, I’m particularly interested in food related suggestions. Have you had a good Pizza in Rome? Know where to get the best Moules Frites in Southern France? Or the tastiest chocolate shop in Bruges? Help us out. Please.

So, if any of you have any suggestions of hostels, train routes or things to see/do around Europe, please leave me a comment. Financial donations can be wired to me at the click of a button (Joke!)

Help us out with suggestions? Thanks.