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Anthony Snape – Say So

As he prepares to embark on his US college tour, Anthony Snape is releasing a new single – Say So.

Who is Anthony Snape? Well, if you’re asking that then you clearly aren’t a long time reader of my blog. He is the artist behind two of my favourite albums: Disappearing Day and Acoustic Sunday. He also happens to be a rather lovely guy whose career I’ve been following since the days when Myspace ruled the world. Oh, and he’s Australian.

Currently abiding in Nashville, this new single shows a different side to Snape’s vocals. It’s more rock/pop than some of his previous releases with the electric guitar appearing to replace the acoustic guitar notes that I adored on Acoustic Sunday. A change in direction can be good though and Say So has certainly impressed me.

It’s one of those songs that is catchy without being grating. Yes, the chorus is repetitive – someone is clearly saying something – but it makes for enjoyable listening. And as for his use of metaphors? ‘Tear at my heart with a lie, with your fingernails of ice’. Fingernails of ice? I love this.

So whilst his ‘sound’ might be evolving into something new, his lyrics remain as strong as ever. And it’s because of his songwriting that I’ve always admired Snape’s music. He’s definitely worth a look into!

For tour dates and more information check out
Say So is released today (September 1st) on both UK and US iTunes


Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

When I posted a Facebook status asking for an album to review this evening I had hoped for suggestions of sophisticated music from quality songwriters. Instead, the first comment came from my twenty one year old cousin stating “‘Tasha Bedingfield. The awesome one with ‘if you’re gonna jump’ on it”. I’d love to simply agree and give you a one word review branding this CD as “awesome”. Unfortunately this would be unfair to Natasha herself and also to every other artist who has genuinely produced an awesome album.

I’m not saying I dislike this album. Believe me I’ve previously loved it. But I love it for it’s cheesiness and it’s ability to make me smile and sing like a loon. As for it’s actual quality? It’s average. It’s full of cowrites so it’s difficult to either praise or blame Bedingfield for the songs lyrically.

These Words was the song about loving someone. It makes this very clear. It makes this too clear. But don’t get me wrong, this song is effective in what it was probably written for. It gets people singing. And it’s memorable. And I’d hazard a guess that it made Miss Bedingfield quite a bit of money.

Another ‘huge’ hit from the album comes in the form of Single. It ticks the box for being catchy. But aside from that, it becomes more than a little repetitive after you’ve listened to it a few times.

The fast paced I’m a Bomb seems to be filled with lyrics that mean very different things now than they did back when my twelve year old self went around screaming it. Take a listen and you’ll know what I mean.

Unwritten was one of the more favourable releases of the album. It’s got a simple message behind it; Writing about the songwriting process isn’t the most original idea. Yet the descriptiveness of the lyrics works well to say something a bit more exciting.

I think I Bruise Easily was the worst selling single from the album. It was probably my favourite of the singles. It’s slower paced. And Natasha’s voice does sound rather nice in it.

The track that my cousin prides the album on is If You’re Gonna.On my iPod it is spelt ‘your’. I sincerely hope that this was not how it was officially spelt. It would ruin any enjoyment that I’ve ever got out of it. I think I enjoy this song solely for the fact that it includes the word “Chihuahua”. If you can advise me of another song that uses this ugly breed of dog in it’s lyrics then please do inform me…

Silent Movie, We’re All Mad and Frogs and Princes are all pleasant enough. The first provides the greatest examples of songwriting ability producing a reasonable quality track that I could still quite happily listen to several times. The third of these is heavily clichéd. But with a title that screams of fairytales you wouldn’t expect anything less.

Rapping is found in Drop Me In The Middle. The rapper is Bizarre from D12. I only know this because he introduces himself at the beginning of the song. Had he not, I would have had absolutely no idea. It’s repetitive. But the twelve year old me liked it alot.

Wild Horses is genuinely a beautiful track. Natasha demonstrates the lovely tones that her voice can produce, whilst the lyrics sing of the desire for freedom which we can all relate to at one time or another.

“Size matters – but not how you think”. In Size Matters Natasha is quick to point out that the subject matter of this song is, in fact, your heart. Though to make up for this nicety there’s a bit of product placement thrown in with the mention of Starbucks. Which just makes me crave Rocky Roads. So that’s a thumbs up for product placement working well, but it annoys me that it needed to be thrown in. (Yes, of course, I understand that this probably was not product placement – but did she really need to throw in the brand name?)

Peace Of Me is quite nice. Nice being the word. It’s non-offensive. I can happily listen to it, it’s just nothing special. American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi even helped to cowrite it so that’s got to give it some extra credibility for the American market that Bedingfield would later try hard to conquer.You do need to listen up until the end of it to discover the elusive hidden track. Do CDs still have hidden tracks? It’s been so long since I last bought a CD that I don’t know whether this died out with the rise of the iPod. According to Wikipedia, this bonus track is called Sojourn. I don’t understand why it would be given this title. Please enlighten me.

In years gone by I adored this album. It was great to singalong to as the lyrics were so memorable. But now, on the verge of adulthood, I just don’t quite find it as ‘awesome’ as I used to think it was. I guess things have changed. I just hope you don’t judge my music taste by the inclusion of this review. I’m scared to even mention that the first concert I ever went to was her brothers. So maybe I was a bit of a fan of the Bedingfield clan, you try and tell me that you never sang along to the likes of Gotta Get Thru This and I Wanna Have Your Babies!